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our third homeschool year!

We have officially plunged into our third homeschool year (if you count preschool years this will be our fifth!). It's truly become just an extension of parenthood in our home and it has been absolute joy having these little men at home with me each day.

As I was planning ahead this past spring for the following school year a sweet online friend, Jane from Salty Tribe, announced she had a curriculum in the works that would truly be a lifestyle curriculum. I hesitate to even call it a curriculum, it's truly one of the best resources I have found for homeschool mamas. It flows with your day, no boxed curriculum, textbooks (unless you want) and is minimalistic and well thought out.

I was so excited when I began to look through the samplers she gave and immediately jumped in when she announced pre-orders were open! It is a beautiful mix of charlotte mason/unschooling/lifestyle homeschooling. So here is what we are using this year for each of the little men:

Benjamin (3rd grade) 


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