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Oh Sweet and Tender Nine!

I still remember so clearly taking Benjamin to our first family outing at 3 days old. We tucked him into the car, bundled well with blankets and a warm belly to watch Josh at work as a farrier. I also remember when he was about 8 months old and he screamed in the car for 45 minutes straight. It's all those little memories and things I am tucking away into my heart and writing down often.

Today he is nine years old and he has grown so much. He is maturing in his face and looking more like a young man than a little boy yet he still loves hugs. Benjamin Conner makes my days brighter, he greets me every morning with a smile and ready to begin the day. He never tires and has ears that can hear the tiniest whisper - so adult conversations are now via text, eye code or for talking later.

He recently finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows and it made him sad and almost cry at the end. Ben's tender heart is one of those things I love about him. He is also one of my first cheerleader…

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